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  • How much does it cost to order?
    We charge $3.00/pound hanging weight plus the butcher fees. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal when it is hanging/curing at the butcher (this includes the bone). You can expect a “take home weight” in packaged meat of 60-65% of the hanging weight, depending on the cuts you choose. Approx. total cost of 1/4 beef is $650 *with butcher fees* depending on the size of the animal. Please see the cost breakdown/pricing on the Beef Reservation Form for details.
  • How much meat will I take home?
    All orders are processed by hanging weight. A typical quarter beef is about 163 pounds hanging weight, and your 'take home' beef will be about 98 pounds. With standard beef cuts, you are looking at 60-65% of 'take home' beef once the butcher processes your order. You can see a break down of each amount and the cost here. Your beef variety, depending on your order form, will consist of 50% steaks/roasts and 50% ground beef. Please note the numbers here are to give you a rough estimate, but we will not know the final weight of the animal until the butcher calls. Typically, a whole beef ‘take home’ weight (not hanging weight) is about 360-420lb depending on the animal, a half is about 180-210lb, a quarter 90-110lb and an eighth 40-50lb.
  • How do I place and pay for an order?
    Call or text Lark Kennedy at 717-404-6736 so we can get you on the list! Here's what to expect: Lark will ask how soon you would like to order beef and the quantity (quarter, half, etc.) You'll be added to the next available slot on the list. Lark will send you the reservation form to fill out. Please return your reservation form with your $100 nonrefundable deposit within 30 days of the process date, which will hold your spot. The deposit will be applied to your final bill. Complete the Custom Beef Cuts Order Form within 5 days of the process date. Lark will let you know when that is. Once the animal arrives at the butcher, expect about 3 weeks for the meat to be processed. As soon as we hear your beef is ready from the butcher, we will contact you. Free delivery within 20 miles of our farm in Mercersburg, Pa. We can work out pickup logistics for other circumstances as well. Sorry, no shipping available. Final payment is due upon delivery. Cash or check accepted. Checks should be made out to Philip and Lark Kennedy.
  • How is the beef processed and packaged?
    We use a family owned, local processor. Your beef will be vacuum sealed, labeled and frozen for your convenience. We offer free delivery within 20 miles of Mercersburg, Pa and will arrange a time to deliver it or other pickup options. Sorry, we do not ship.
  • Why should I order local beef from Sunset Spring Farm?
    Our beef are pasture raised, grass fed in Mercersburg, Pa. Our animals enjoy grazing a spacious pasture while consuming a healthy diet of hay, apples and some grain. They are raised outdoors in their natural environment and in turn give us delicious meat. Our customers love our beef – but don’t take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials: “Our family ordered a side of beef from Lark in November 2021. The meat is exceptional: high quality, great flavor and most importantly, free of chemicals. Ordering was easy and the butcher helped advise on HOW to order the best cuts to maximize our order. The price is very reasonable; buying beef by the side has always made sense, however, in today's economy, we are more than pleased with our investment! Our family has already planned to purchase our next side! Thank you to the Kennedy’s – it’s a pleasure doing business with you!” – The Folmar Family “We’ve known Lark for years and knew she would deliver an excellent product. Quality, pricing, packaging, communication were all top-notch. We will buy again with no reservations!” – The Toohig Family
  • How often do you have animals ready to be processed?
    We have steers ready approx. every other month depending on how much weight they have gained, and how old they are. They typically are in our care for two years before they are ready to process. We do take reservations up to a year in advance, so please don't hesitate to be added to the reservation list. We will post on our Facebook page when we are getting close to an order date!
  • How much beef should I order?
    A small family with young children usually opt for a quarter of a beef that will last them about a year. A family that loves beef, or has older children usually choose a half beef for the larger variety of steaks/roasts.
  • How much freezer space will I need for my beef?
    Plan on approx. one cubic foot of freezer space for every 20-25 pounds of beef. This is a little bit smaller than the interior of a milk crate. For a whole beef you will need 14 cu ft of freezer space, a half 7 cu ft and a quarter 3.5 cu ft.
  • What is my cost compared to retail?
    On average, your cost per pound of “take home” beef is approx. $6/lb depending on how much you purchase and the cuts chosen. This is for everything from ground beef to premium steaks. Compare this to the average retail for premium ground beef that costs $6.25+ per pound and Ribeye steaks $14+ per pound.
  • How do I know what to order?
    We have an order form that simplifies the process and allows you to order exactly what you like. Half of your beef will typically be 50% of your preferred steaks and roasts and 50% ground beef. For example, you may like your steaks to be an inch thick or you would really like skirt steak for fajitas - we have you covered! Keep in mind, the more steaks and roasts you order, the less ground beef you have. So if you like more variety, we encourage you to order as many steaks and roasts as you can! View the Custom Beef Cuts Order Form form here. The butcher divides the animal evenly between the customers so everyone gets their preference of the premium cuts. If this is your first-time ordering, you may still have some questions. You can ask us, or call the butcher directly. We are happy to help!
  • How should I order my ground beef?
    About 50% of the meat you receive will be ground beef. You can order as 90/10 or 80/20 in one-pound or two-pound packages. For a little variety, you may like to order at least 10 pounds of square patties. It's a little bit extra per pound, but they are easy to thaw and cook on the grill! The extra cost is listed in the Beef Cuts Order Form.
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