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  • 1. First you let Lark know you're interested in ordering beef by calling/texting 717-404-6736 or email


  • 2. Lark will ask how soon you would like to order beef and the quantity (quarter, half, etc.)

  • 3. You'll be added to the next available slot on the list.


  • 5. Please return your Reservation Form with your $100 nonrefundable deposit within 30 days of the process date, which will hold your spot. The deposit will be applied to your final bill. Cash or check; checks should be made out to Lark and Philip Kennedy.


  • 6. Click here to complete the Custom Beef Cuts Order Form and return it within 5 days of the process date. Lark will let you know when that is.


  • 7. Once the animal arrives at the butcher, expect about 3 weeks for the meat to be processed.


  • 8. As soon as we hear your beef is ready from the butcher, we will contact you. Free delivery within 20 miles of our farm in Mercersburg, Pa. We can work out pickup logistics for other circumstances as well. No shipping available.


  • 9. Final payment is due upon delivery. Cash or check preferred. Checks should be made out to Philip and Lark Kennedy. 

Super Excited to Place Your Order!?

Ready to reserve your beef AND fill out your order form? Let's do it! Click the buttons to download your reservation and order forms. Please return to us either by email: or text a photo of it to Lark at 717-404-6736.

Still have questions?

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